1. PARTICIPATION AND ELIGIBILITY. Participation is open to anyone 18 years of age or older. A completed online registration including online waiver and acceptance of terms by the angler is required along with the registering and signing up with TourneyX (http://tourneyx.com). The angler must enter a tournament prior to fishing for or entering any catch for a tournament.

a. If an angler under the age of 18 wishes to participate an exemption waiver must be completed by a legal guardian.

b. All events officially begin at 12:01 am Central Time. However, the date and time may be set for your time perspective time zone for time stamping purposes on photos.

2. Safety should be observed at all times.  While competing in an Operationfish.com tournament all participates are required to comply with all U.S. Coast Guard                     regulations, Wildlife Management regulations, federal, and state laws.

3.  SPORTSMANSHIP. All participants are required to adhere to high standards of sportsmanship. The use of drugs and alcohol  is strictly prohibited.  The participation in criminal activities, or other conduct unbecoming of good sportsmanship, fair competition, and/or compliance with tournament rules are grounds for immediate disqualification.

4. Permitted fishing methods. All fish must be caught using a rod and reel with a hook or lure as such. All fish should be photographed alive.  Participants may not submit fish that have been caged or confined prior to the tournament.

a. Only artificial lures may be used during the competition.

b. Participants may fish from a boat, a kayak or even wade. Participants may also fish from shore, a dock or a pier.

5. Permitted fishing locations. All fish submitted must be caught in waters accessible to the public according to state and federal regulations.

6. Minimum fish lengths. Since this is a catch and release tournament being conducted over a vast area there is no minimum length requirement.

7. Maximum fish lengths. The maximum length requirement is 28″.

Example of a fish that will be disqualified for being over length. In this tournament we will insert a  digital line to make sure none of the fish extends beyond the 28″ mark.

redfish to long

8. Measuring devices. All measuring devices must be clear and easy for the tournament judges to read. We recommend devices such as the Hog Trough, Check-It-Stik, a Gator Grip measuring board, a Rapala folding ruler, a Plano Expandable Bump board or a 321fish vinyl ruler mounted on a hard surface.

9. Photography/submission requirements. Tournament participants may use digital cameras or a phone with digital camera capabilities to record and submit fish.

a. Images may not be digitally altered or enhanced.

b. Each participant must use the online system provided by TourneyX.com to submit their fish.

c. Image submissions must meet the standards and guidelines set forth by TourneyX.com

d. Fish must be checked in within 24 hours of the catch or as soon as the angler has access to a computer for online check-in. The last fish must be submitted by 11:59pm (Central Time)  on the last day of the tournament.

e. The photo must show the entire fish on a clear, defined measuring device. that will allow the judge to read the length accurately.

f. The photo must also show the unique tournament token. Unique token (printed) preferred, or the supplied random generated number can be hand written and displayed in case you lost your token. The identification number must be clear in the photograph. Token and/or required number will be available at 11:15 pm (central time) the night before the tournament begins. The token may not cover any of the fish. The entire fish must be in view of each submission.

g. All fish must be facing to the left of the measuring device with the top of the fish (dorsal fin) facing the top of the photo.

h. The lip of the fish must be touching the zero mark (bump board). (The mouth may be in it’s natural state.) No fish grips of any kind should be used during your photo submission.

i. The camera should be pointed directly at the fish. Angled shots that appear to add length or alter the view of the ruler and/or fish will be disqualified at the tournament judges discretion.

j. Tails may be in a pinched position to extend the fish as long as possible, however the hand may not remain on the fish during the photo. The entire fish must be visible.

k. The fish must be alive during the photo. Any fish that appears to be dead, mutilated, smashed, or altered  will be disqualified at the tournament judge’s discretion. (We encourage catch and release, but understand sometimes fish make a tasty dinner. You may keep your fish,  however they must be alive for the picture.)

Example of a desirable picture/submission.

prefect picture

10. Scoring A judge will evaluate and approve each photo.

a. Each participate may submit up to five fish

b.The longest total aggregate number will win

c. In the event of a tie, the participant with the the most fish wins. If both participants have an equal number of fish the angler that submitted his final fish first wins.

11. Entry fee and money allocation

a. Entry fee = $40

b. $15 from each entry goes towards tournament expenses. (ie: Tournament hosting service, judging, postage and handling.)

c. $2 per entry is applied to the Redfish Series Angler of the year Award

d. $2 per entry is applied to the angler submitting the redfish with the most spots upon the visible side (remember to follow photo criteria)

e. $1 per entry is applied to the Overall Angler of the year award

f. $20 per entry goes back into the payout for placers

12. Awards and payouts.  Tournament prizes will be paid relative to the number of entrants in the tournament

payout schedule