About Us

Operation Fish : Fish Hard or Stay Home


Operationfish.com is a website for anglers by anglers.

Our goal is to make a fishing community that is fun and informative in a competitive fashion. We offer:

  1. Numerous fishing tournaments
  2. Informative blog articles in which we encourage our members to write and share within our online community
  3. Product reviews written by our members
  4. Fishing reports from around the world shared by our members.
  5. A place to share and read news articles from within the fishing world.
  6. A one stop destination to find fishing tournaments within your area
  7.  A one stop destination to find fishing guides and lodges within your area.

Our website is young and new with many upgrades planned for the future. We invite you to share in the formation of Operationfish.com. We ask that you share your ideas and feedback, for  Operationfish.com is a website for anglers by anglers.

Todd Hart (Legocrusader)